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Tennis boarding school in Marbella

The road to independence

The Hofsaess Academy provides young people with comprehensive supportStudents are accommodated in en-suite twin rooms, and top priority is given to ensuring that young people of all ages are able to live together and to integrate socially in the community. Boarding school students are part of an extended family and are prepared for future self-sufficiency through a structured, disciplined daily routine.

The “German School Malaga”, awarded with a seal of quality, provides the highest standard of education up to the level of university entrance qualification. Supervised learning is a key component of the program. An extensive range of afternoon sports programs provides an ideal balance of activities.

Everything young people need to move forward

A second home in the tennis boarding school in Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Spain

The Hofsaess family and their team have made it their top priority to ensure that young people of all ages are able to live together and to integrate socially in the community.

Our kids are part of the team/family and are prepared for a self-sufficient and successful life through a structured, disciplined daily routine. The friendships made here often last well beyond their stay at the boarding school. Our sport training is second to none, and a holistic education is guaranteed and individually fostered through homework support and tutoring, if required.

In short: the full boarding school experience paves the way to success!

Ideal prospects at the tennis boarding school in Spain

Our protégés live and learn with us “on the mountain”.

The Hofsaess sports boarding school is located 430 meters above the Mediterranean Sea, offering students unique training facilities and accommodation in apartments or bungalows (2-3 beds per room), with WiFi available across the entire complex.

The sea and mountain views enjoyed by our students are as brilliant as their own career prospects.

Students and staff enjoy meals together at large tables in the clubhouse and outdoors.

The greatest possibilities

The entire range of sports facilities, including first-class sports instructors from the renowned sports boarding school, are available to our boarding school students.

Our “sport and language” program includes English, Spanish, French, tennis, taekwondo, and fitness, as well as football, basketball, etc., with a maximum of two units of each sport per week.

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Monte Elviria
29600 Marbella (Málaga)
+34 609 592 908

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