The Hofsäss Tennis Academy

Tennis for everyone, from beginner to world-class athlete

Founded by former German coach of the year Klaus Hofsäss on the Costa del Sol in 1984, the Hofsäss Academy now sets the standard in Europe. With its 9 courts (5 hard, 4 clay) and seaside views, the academy offers an ideal training environment for tennis enthusiasts. It has hosted all the greats, from Steffi Graf to national coach Barbara Ritter and Boris Becker.

Under Klaus Hofsäss’s direction, the academy’s first-rate coaches ensure that players of all abilities receive the highest level of instruction. Steeped in tradition, the Hofsäss Academy has developed a straightforward training methodology that is tailored to the individual. As Germany’s most successful tennis coach, Klaus Hofsäss has always held to the motto of enhancing strengths while working to improve weaknesses.


A unique combination

In addition, the Hofsäss Academy’s boarding school has a unique partnership with the neighboring German School – an ideal combination of education and tennis.




Pro Tennis


World-class tennis coaches ensure flawless training and have sufficient ability to work with small groups of two to four players on our courts and help them to work on their tennis. Each session begins with relaxed warm-up training, because a key element of our success concept is combining professional training with fun.


Train like the Best

  • Individual technical training
  • Detailed tactical training
  • Video analysis
  • Match training


  • Match analysis
  • Tour coaching
  • Tournament planning



Success Concept

I believe the secret of a successful coach is the ability to perceive and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of every player. Our work proceeds systematically on this basis – improving on weaknesses, and developing and focusing strengths.

This benefits all students in the long term.


Tennis holidays in Marbella, Costa del Sol


A popular holiday destination for tennis-playing families.

Boarding school in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Boarding school

The combination of sport, school, and language is unbeatable.